The Golfer's Whoos-up

Throw it down on the first tee to determine the tee off order!

Sales Features: Powder coated metal "Whoos-Up" with metallic flake finish. Customize both sides similar or different in 4cp. Throw this on the first tee box to determine the tee-off order. Includes a keyring for attaching to your golf bag.

NOTE: Metallic glitter (sparkle) on these items. This glitter is part of the powder coating process.


Item                  50          150         250         500         1000   
G-HUSUP       3.99        3.49        3.25        2.99         2.75     (5r)



Account # (USA): 69792
Account # (CAN): 69812

Account #: 76797

Account #: 20161005

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